Are you disciple material or a supporter.  

Your part in salvation is to witness. I travel to 8 towns in my region, I could do more but I am limited, I print up fliers and go letter box dropping and meet lots of people and give away my art book. It is a giant job, and cost me about $15,000 a year to accomplish, to "feed the sheep" I have been witnessing most of my life, now only 3 days a week. .

If you want to take the banner from my hand ....its free. The race is over soon, you can support my work with whatever Yeshua tells you to donate. 

Soon I will depart this world and  I would like to hand this work over to a disciple of Yeshua who has the same goal as I do. "To witness the truth full time".

When Zerubbabel finished the 2nd temple, the people were very happy. I have not been sent to rebuild a temple. NO. The temple Yeshua wants is His bride, His wife to be. YOU.  Yeshua demands His wife to serve Him here. HOW... to build churches, NO to obey outdated laws. NO What do you think off the top of your head does your husband want from you?  Obedience!
What is the service of the wife of God almighty here on Earth?  OK .... TO WITNESS. So what are you going to do?  As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. Lets get together and see how I can help you OBEY your husband. amen. The rewards are beyond this world. 

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